{CERTIFIED} - Crystal Vortex Records

A simple archive of previous projects leading to the development of Prismal Labs, a testing ground for coming auditory technologies.

{CERTIFIED} - Detroit Underground

Detroit Underground is partnered to archive and if warranted, copy and redistribute Prismal data. DU Datasets are normally transmitted in obscure VHS packets.

{CERTIFIED} - Mind Power Programs

Mind Power Programs has been, since its inception a front-running contributor to PrismalLabs' binaural program. Providing both, direction and content. Allowing us to benefit from their research studies of self-hypnosis and integrate into our platform.

{NOT CERTIFIED} - Neuralink

One of Elon Musks less known ventures. We are in no way affiliated, but inspired and driven by this motion of forward thinking.

*** Please be respectful of our partners, and only contact for legitimate reasons.